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I can't think of anything creative about Roy Mustang right now x____x

General Stuff

Name/nickname: nic
Age: 23
Likes/Hobbies: computer, video games, drawing, writing, anime, j-pop and jrock.
Dislikes/Pet peeves: headaches, loud scratching noises, waking up too early in the morning.
Strong Points: determined, hard worker, motivated.
Weak Points: hot-headed, becomes procastinated
Talents: I like to draw o_o
Favorite Color and why?: Blue, reminds me of a calm, crisp, breezy spring morning.
Favorite Sport: Tae kwon do, soccer, tennis and badminton.
Mature or Immature?: Both.
Leader or Follower? Explain why you believe you are that way: I like to be a follower when I have the knowledge and know what I am doing and what should be done.

Some Thoughtful Questions

If you were an alchemist--what would be your specialty and why? If I were an alchemist I would choose ice to be my specialty, I would like the ability to freeze opponents.

You have a friend who digs turning objects into gold. S/he doesn't care about the taboo. Do you tell the authorities, join up with him or her, or congratulate/scold the person but leave them alone? Why? Scold the person and leave them alone. They will get what is coming for them >D

If you could get rid of your most painful memory, would you? Explain why or why not. Yes I would. I dont want to remember painful memories at all, I would like to just rid of at least one of them -_-

Answer honestly. Could you kill someone? The very first time is the hardest, most say. Could you look down the barrel of a gun--or whatever weapon you have--and pull the proverbial trigger? If the person had done something horrid to you? If that person had killed the best person in your life? Remember that you'll likely go to jail/get in some form of trouble--so think who you might rather go to jail for too or if it's even worth it. I dont think I would want to see what I jail is like actually going to one but I would take revenge on someone through self-defence like tae kwon do if there comes a time in a life or death situation involving me and my family or friends.

Is there anyone you look up to in your life? And I mean in real life, not anime or movies. Real life (where it is rumored that the three-dimensional roam). If so, who is it and why? If not, why not? My grandmother and uncle, they have become very inspiration to me and gave me a lot of motivation in life. Plus I look up to them, they were strong hard workers, who never gave up on anything no matter how hard the situation was. I would say they are the ones I look up to in life.

Do the ends really justify the means? Don’t look at anime/movies/books/ect—because usually, they do. Think of your own life and the real world around you. At times they do, depends on how I look at it.

Are you pedantic? o_o

If you didn’t/hadn’t know what that word in the above question meant—did/would you look it up or just wing an answer? I cant find a dictionary around me x_x

Anything else?:
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