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My favorite is Ling~

General Stuff

Name/nickname: Melaney, Mel, Saucey
Age: 14!
Likes/Hobbies: Yaoi, yuri, incense, Hello Kitty, cute things, flowers/plants, sleeping, writing, reading, drawing, coloring, researching things, reading stuff on WikiHow, being scared, organizing things, sewing, cosplay, baking, videogames, anime, manga, friends, taking pictures, online-gaming, looking at photography, science/chemistry, the sky, astrology/astronomy, being outside but not actually doing anything outside, spring, summer, dawn/dusk, rain, chess
Dislikes/Pet peeves: Mary-Sues, bad fanfictions, people that take everything srsly, people that enjoy drama
Strong Points: Quiet, selfless, giving, somewhat intelligent, logical, responsible
Weak Points: Naggy, sometimes too selfless, naive, lazy, sometimes too quiet/shy, irritating, I complain a lot, I lose things a lot, I forget things a lot too (somehow I'm still kinda responsible?)
Talents: drawing maybe? Or my ability to be really annoying. And kinda being able to make people feel better/advice? D:
Favorite Color and why?: Sky/light blue~ because it's the color of the sky and I like the sky? XD White~ it's pure/simple, and yellow~ because I really like dandelions and they're yellow/goldish. &hearts
Favorite Sport: Chess, if it's considered a sport..? D:
Mature or Immature?: Usually sorta..kinda, mature, but I can be REALLY immature sometimes.
Leader or Follower? Explain why you believe you are that way: Follower, I'm terrible at leading/giving directions, I'm too much of a pushover.

Some Thoughtful Questions

If you were an alchemist--what would be your specialty and why? I'd actually prefer not to be an alchemist. I wouldn't want to be expected of too much, like Tucker, if I were to be like him. D:

You have a friend who digs turning objects into gold. S/he doesn't care about the taboo. Do you tell the authorities, join up with him or her, or congratulate/scold the person but leave them alone? Why? I'd warn them that they probably shouldn't be doing that, but I wouldn't tell, I'd wait for them to eventually get caught and then help them out to teach them a lesson. Or something.

If you could get rid of your most painful memory, would you? Explain why or why not. Yeah, I haven't been truly happy since it's happened, and I kinda like being happy, so uh. D:

Answer honestly. Could you kill someone? The very first time is the hardest, most say. Could you look down the barrel of a gun--or whatever weapon you have--and pull the proverbial trigger? If the person had done something horrid to you? If that person had killed the best person in your life? Remember that you'll likely go to jail/get in some form of trouble--so think who you might rather go to jail for too or if it's even worth it. I probably couldn't, I'd never be able to live with myself after that, and I'd think of myself as selfish and stupid and I'm also scared to death of blood, and generally when you shoot/stab someone there's blood so I wouldn't.

Is there anyone you look up to in your life? And I mean in real life, not anime or movies. Real life (where it is rumored that the three-dimensional roam). If so, who is it and why? If not, why not? My best friend, because they're capable of doing so much more than me, and they're not totally introverted and shy like I am.

Do the ends really justify the means? Don’t look at anime/movies/books/ect—because usually, they do. Think of your own life and the real world around you. Not really, from what I've experienced. D:

Are you pedantic? lolwhut

If you didn’t/hadn’t know what that word in the above question meant—did/would you look it up or just wing an answer? I'd look it up and probably not understand it anyway and wing it.


Anything else?: Not rly.

And, lastly, if you want--please post a picture or two of yourself. http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j6/Eiko_Lover/GE%20A730/GEDC4292.png
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