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Rah Rah Rasputin

I have a strong weakness for Hughes. And "THA CHOPPAAAAH~"

General Stuff

Name/nickname: Rasputin/Raz.
Age: On the young side. ;P
Likes/Hobbies: Relaxation, the dark, sweet food, milk tea, theater and acting, cool weather, scarves, sleeves, accessories, feminine clothing, joking about, enjoying life, indulging myself, randomly breaking into song or dance, striking poses, attractive females, gorgeous scents, sights, and sounds.
Dislikes/Pet peeves: Being bossed around, when there is absolutely nothing to do, awkward silence, confusion, shameless bullies (never nice, children ;P), too much work to do, not having a moment's peace, having to deal with something that just doesn't interest me, blinding light, hot weather, too much noise, general inconvenience.
Strong Points: I've got a naturally flippant-seeming personality, but I am in fact quite intelligent and resourceful, capable of subtlety as well. I've got excellent taste and a uniquely flavorful chaaarm~ I'm affectionate (you know - where appropriate XD) and playful, and though it's rather rare that I do so, when I find myself getting close to someone, I do truly bond with them, and I'm surprisingly good at aiding others in managing their feelings when I listen. I am also graceful and potentially tricky, with an optimistic disposition. To counter the pessimism of certain people I'm around. ;3 I'm thoroughly proud of and confident in myself, wouldn't have me any other way.
Weak Points: I am utterly snobbish, vain, self-centered, and sometimes materialistic, all facts I'm sure I've made very clear by now. X3 I'm full of myself, I'm a drama queenking, I can get wrapped up in my own little world. My sense of humor borders on the inappropriate at times (oh, who am I kidding, it more than just borders. XD It can be outright perverted), I don't know when to stop talking or let up, it can be hard to tell whether I'm joking or dead serious. I'm obviously a quirky one, which can sometimes put people off. And I can't let up on my shameless girlish flamboyance, but ah, I think it can double as a strength. ;3
Talents: Ah, but I am a man of many~ Probably my hobbies more than anything. ;D
Favorite Color and why?: Hmm, purple, definitely. It's actually my eye color, and even besides that, people I know associate it with me.
Favorite Sport: I'm really not so much a sports person.
Mature or Immature?: Mature, shaded with immaturity.
Leader or Follower? Explain why you believe you are that way: I love to be listened to, and to be free. But otherwise I'm for the most part fine going with the flow. If I must follow, though, I can find myself breaking rules or overstepping my boundaries literally without thinking. X3

Some Thoughtful Questions

If you were an alchemist--what would be your specialty and why? That's really hard to say. @_@ It'd have to be something maybe a bit flashy (certainly not gaudy, however) and show-off-able and attractive but effective. Something I could toy with and have fun looking at. X3

You have a friend who digs turning objects into gold. S/he doesn't care about the taboo. Do you tell the authorities, join up with him or her, or congratulate/scold the person but leave them alone? Why? It doesn't sound as though it's hurting anyone. Why stop them? If it gets out of hand and they're at risk of being found out, tell them to lay off, I suppose, but otherwise I see no reason to ruin their fun.

If you could get rid of your most painful memory, would you? Explain why or why not. I honestly don't think I would. I'm not exactly a regretful person, and I find light and darkness in both character and experience make us who we are. Besides, would it really pay to forget about something that could've had some heavy impact? X3

Answer honestly. Could you kill someone? The very first time is the hardest, most say. Could you look down the barrel of a gun--or whatever weapon you have--and pull the proverbial trigger? If the person had done something horrid to you? If that person had killed the best person in your life? Remember that you'll likely go to jail/get in some form of trouble--so think who you might rather go to jail for too or if it's even worth it. If the person had hideously wronged me or someone I love unforgivably, yes; if it was required to defend myself, most certainly; if it was someone close to me, never. I'm very attached to the people who truly make their way into my life. Similarly, if I had to kill as the only way to keep them safe, I would.

Is there anyone you look up to in your life? And I mean in real life, not anime or movies. Real life (where it is rumored that the three-dimensional roam). If so, who is it and why? If not, why not? Strangely, I realize I don't really have one. I go through life as I am, with the people I love, reacting to the people I meet and trying to act as appropriate. Everything is different for everyone. I suppose I haven't put much thought into aspiring to be like any one person as long as I and those close to me end up happy and-or accomplished and satisfied~

Do the ends really justify the means? Don’t look at anime/movies/books/ect—because usually, they do. Think of your own life and the real world around you. To a certain extent. There is such thing as taking things much too far and of course there's no erasing what those means might have caused, but I suppose if the long run truly is for the best, there's a certain level of forgiveness warranted.

Are you pedantic? Nope. I'm considered rather laid-back and eccentric, on the other hand. X3

If you didn’t/hadn’t know what that word in the above question meant—did/would you look it up or just wing an answer? I would've looked it up. X3 You have to answer these things honestly, don't you? It's hard to come up with an appropriate answer for a question you don't understand~


I'm rather drowsy given the time right now. X3 My answers would likely be inadequate.


Anything else?: Just that you'll have to settle for description on this last bit...

And, lastly, if you want--please post a picture or two of yourself.

I have slightly long-ish black hair, pale skin, I'm slim and a bit feminine-looking, and I mentioned the whole eyes-bit. ;3

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