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fm_a_rating's Journal

Fullmetal Alchemist Rating
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Here is where you can find out which character from Fullmetal Alchemist you're most like! This is not only based on looks, but personality as well. =D

Your Friendly Moderator: Feel free to contact me with any questions. =D


phantom_blood, historyblitz

Stamps were made by the talented starrcandi<3<3<3<3! Muchos gracias!

Martel stamp was lovingly produced by schimaere--because she's awesome.

Russel stamp was whipped into alchemic shape by schimaere

Mei-chan and Human!Al stamps constructed by unwelloverlink--because she's got skills.

King Bradley and Dante stamps brought to you by solar_panda--making the world a better place.

Elysia stamp was brought explosively, cheerfully, and not by Hughes and Gracia adorably by theacidqueen

Ling stamp spaztastically brought into the world by seven_virtues.

Fletcher stamp was evaporated into existence by wabisuke. And yes. I know that's not right.

Falman stamp was locked and loaded by mouette_lunaire!! Woot!

Nina Tucker stamp was transmuted oh, that's mean, ahem, brought into the world by a non-psychotic creator called acetylenearson.

Noah stamp was danced into place by mouette_lunaire Thank you!

Community Rules:

1. No flaming, insulting.
2. You must join the community to post.
3. Just because you haven't been stamped yet, does not mean you can not vote on anyone. Vote, please!
4. No cosplay pictures. If you have already been stamped, you may gladly post cosplay pictures. But please state that you've been stamped in the subject. =D!
5. Please put the whole survery under an lj-cut!
6. You must fill out the below survey along with posting, if you like, at least 2 clear pictures of yourself. ^_^
7. If you absolutely dislike who you've been stamped as, you're allowed ONE other re-stamp.
8. Please put promotions under a cut. Sometimes the pictures are very big and take up a bit of room. Thank you. ^_^
9. To make sure you've read the rules here, be sure to put the name(s) of your favourite character in the subject line.
10. If you are going to vote for two characters, you MUST give an explanation as to why for each characters for me to count them both, otherwise neither vote will be counted.

Voting Rules:
1. As said before, no being rude to someone or insulting them.
2. Try to give a little explination as to why you chose the character you're giving someone.
3. BOLD your votes, please!
4. I would like everyone to get a minimum of 10 votes--however, applications will be up for at least two weeks. I post a reminder list once a week. Your app will appear on it twice and then I will stamp it.

Survey: Just copy and paste!

Characters: All characters are open when it comes to voting. And if we don't have a stamp for 'em, we'll make 'em one. Here are some of the main players and pawns in FMA just to give you ideas.

Alex Louis Armstrong
Alphonse Elric
Alfons Heiderich
Edward Elric
Fuhrer King Bradrey
Joliet Comanche
Ling Yao
Maes Hughes
Pinako Leschber
Ran Fan
Riza Hawkeye
Roy Mustang
Sloth (Note: In anime, the failed resurrection of Al and Ed's mother.)
Trisha Elric
Winry Rockbell
Wrath (Note: In anime, the failed resurrection of the son of Izumi Curtis.)


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