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Hey, guys...

First off, I'm sorry for being constantly absent. When I got the keys to this comm, I wasn't this swamped with stuff. Now college is nom-nom-nom-ing at me and I can't find the time to make regular updates. *headdesk of d00m*

With that, I've promoted absinithium and all_my_colours to maintainers of the comm. I know you guys will do a much better job than I did. If you need the stamps, please don't forget to send me a message or comment on my LJ. If you can, you could recruit moderators to help you out in case. As for me, I'll try to drop by every once in a while to rate and/or make modly posts like this again.

*kowtows* I'm really, really sorry if this is so abrupt. *stabs paper* I HAS ONLY HALF AN HOUR TO GO TO SUBMIT THIS LULZ

Much <3

Voting reminder, and apology.

Hey, guys. Couple of things to address this time around.

Firstly, I need to apologize for the lack of involvement on my part. I have absolutely FAILED lately at giving periodic reminders to vote. Because of this sort of thing, applications get forgotten and pushed down the entry list, and then they don't get stamped, which likely affects whether new people join the community and keep it moving forward. (Meaning, you probably would be less likely to join a stamping community if there was no stamping going on, right?)

That said, I have thoroughly whooped my own ass for my failure to attend to the community as it should be attended, and would like to make sure that everything gets running again at optimal efficiency, the way it should be :) Sound good?

This brings us to the second (and more important!) part of this post, which is the list of applications which need stamps. Some of these people have been waiting for a long time, so let's give all of them the votes they need so that they can get stamped as soon as possible!


As always, thank you for your help. A community like this one obviously cannot run without its members :) Happy voting!